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So who are model railroaders?  They come from all walks of life and enjoy the hobby in different ways.

There are model railroaders who rarely, if ever, build a model.  They enjoy reading about the hobby and dream about the model railroad they’re going to build “someday.”  We call these enthusiasts “armchair modelers.”

Other hobbyists build detailed models of locomotives or cars.  Some focus on building structures and scenery.  For them, model railroading is a form of sculpture.  Then there are those who focus on mechanical and electrical things to the point that they never build scenery.

The majority of model railroaders find the greatest enjoyment in combining all these approaches, tailoring the hobby to suit their interests.  It’s a serious and enjoyable hobby.

New club members are welcome in all scales: N, HO, and G.  All you need is a current rec card and $30 for the first year’s dues.  Annual renewal club fees is $20. 

Want to join our friendly group of modelers?  Come to the clubhouse and complete a new-member packet, or click on the “Join Our Club” link above to print a new-member form.

For information, please call (623) 544-6148 or (480) 518-3402 (G-Scale location) or stop in at the club at our R.H. Johnson  location.

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Open to Club Members and their accompanied guests!